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A May Sortie


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I finished what I started last week. Flew north to see my buddy Jim. I again went unannounced because that's how sorties are flown. :grin: Anyway he was home but not for long so the main objective was met.


The second part of the mission was to dirty up the GS a bit. Now the sign said don't trust your GPS which I do completely, so I figured I was good to go.




Over hostile territory. Beautiful views nonetheless. :thumbsup:








How's the song go? Two out of three ain't bad? I planned on doing a hike and found the trailhead but it was 1:30ish and I had to be at work by 7:00. Also, the parking lot was full and that usually leaves no place to stop and rest my weary arse. :grin:






My recon camera was acting up all day, the last shot was a complete failure but the Reuben was spectacular! :grin:




The return flight back to base was uneventful.


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