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K75 clutch issue


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First time poster here!

I bought this bike last year. It is my first BMW and I love it for what it is. However, after storing it all winter ( I live in South Dakota) the clutch is jammed or stuck or something. I'm a bit perplexed by it all.

I am very familiar with doing my own mechanic work as I'm in my 60's and have always done all my own work ie: new glow plugs in my diesel Mercedes, new clutch in my tractor. That kind of thing.

This clutch thing is a new one. I haven't dug into it yet. I thought I'd ask before tearing into it hoping someone may be familiar with this issue. I really doubt this is the first time this has ever happened to a K75. 

Anything enlightening out there?



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This apparently occasionly happens when parked in a damp environment for a long period. I have never had to do this myself, but, have read of others with the same problem. Put the bike in gear and try rocking it hard enough to brake it loose. If that doesn't work, brace the front wheel against the inside corner of a garage or against a tree or pole apply the front brake and try to start the bike with it in gear and the clutch lever pulled in. If it starts it should pop the disk loose. Be very careful. Good luck.

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I figured it must be a common issue. However, I can't depress my clutch far enough to start it.  I will try rocking it back & forth & see if I can crack it loose. If it is going to do this every year I'll get rid of it. Just as well have a Harley again if that is the case. Out of all the research I did before I bought this bike nobody mentioned it.

Anyway Bill thanks for the tip. I'll look into it a bit further.

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How much play is there at lever?, the cable adjustment is on rear of transmission, it has a car dry clutch and I have heard of them sticking, pretty rare. As suggested it should break free. You could put it on centre stand start it and let it warm up, might help, disengage clutch while running and rear wheel spinning step on rear brake. Will not hurt anything, on my K100 I stopped the motor with the rear brake when the rear came off the pavement during hard stops, more than once.

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Welcome to the board bashmaki. If it’s warm enough get out and ride. 👍

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Maybe tomorrow after I get the tire back on 😉

Just greased driveline and changed rear tire.

Been kinda rainy but might be nice tomorrow .

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