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Creaking when Changing Riding modes.


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Hi Guys. Have 2015 RT - Wonder if anyone has experienced creaking sounds when changing riding mode (Hard, Soft - DYNA, ROAD or RAIN. Been to BMW Motorrad and Mechanic says its the Exhaust flapper. I am not convinced - (though cheaper option).


When changing Riding mode it  creaks for about 5 times then stops until I change it again. This is done with engine running - Just ticking by. Riding mode changes ok when engine off (my first BMW so bare with my ignorance). 


I had bike 14 months. Ridden to South France and Switzerland. Completed about 4.5k last year. Bike has only total of 11k.  All touring was luggage and two up -No problems.


Your experience appreciated. 



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It's not noticeable if my 2014 does it. :dontknow: In other words, you should get a second opinion from a different technician.


BTW, Welcome to the site! :wave:

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Many thanks Pat. Being in UK (and getting older), thought I would Try BMW after my Yamaha and Triumphs. Hope the bike is not a plum buy. 


I know that in the States they had a recall for 2014 bikes https://blog.motorcycle.com/2014/07/03/manufacturers/bmw/2014-bmw-r1200rt-officially-recalled-us/


Not to be seeming to be a total no mechanical brit. On the BMW does the engine need to be running to set the riding modes. 




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Ok, so I was a little confused about what you were talking about. Now the power modes, rain-road-dynamic can be changed with the engine not running. No noise whatsoever.


Now to change the dynamic suspension settings, you need to have the bike running. (one up) (one up with luggage) (two up)


And now for the kicker...I just went out and switched the setting to two up. The bike's rear raised as expected. I then set it back to single rider and the suspension lowered as it should BUT at the very bottom of the movement back down, I got a SNAP!


 I never heard that before. (Or noticed) It did it three times.


So I change my original statement to THEY ALL DO IT! :grin:

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I am wondering if re-calibrating it with a GS-911 may help?


At every service I do it with mine. It runs the DESA up and down and calibrates it so I am wondering if your 15 just needs that?


Of course I run all the test and resets in the GS-911 EXCEPT a transmission reset.  I run every idiot light, the fan test, tank venting and so on.


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Hi BMW-ROD and welcome to BMWST.


I have never heard this on my 2015 RT, but then again I have not listened for any noises when making adjustments.


TEWKS had gone down the line of thought I wanted to go.  If this creaking noise only happens when adjusting for load then it is something in that system which deals with the shock spring preloading.  If it happens in the power mode settings it is the system that adjusts shock damping.  They are separate systems with their own motors.  If you can isolate the noise to one of those two sytems it will help chase this creak down. The noise likely is  just irritating but otherwise benign.  Might best be fixed by turning up the volume on the radio :cool:

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18 hours ago, BMW-ROD said:

...Being in UK (and getting older), thought I would Try BMW .


Where are you located? Which dealer have you approached?

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