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Grandma's Furs?


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Having been named the executor of both my parents estates deciding what value their belonging had can get challenging and time consuming.


The value depends on a lot on things and some can be quite valuable, but most are only worth a few hundred at most as the market is soft as wearing fur has fallen from favor.  Local resell shops might be good.  ebay is a good resource, if you have an account you can search the furs that actually sold for getting value of the fur.


This is a good primer on what to consider



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About ten years ago - maybe only eight? - my grandmother decided she was never going to wear any of hers anymore; I think the last time anyone had used one was a girlfriend of mine who borrowed one in the 90s. There were many - essentially a whole cedar chest full. She asked me if I would see about selling them for her (she is crazy petite and no one in the family could wear any of them, and I'm not sure anyone would want to).


I googled around a bit and ended up taking them to a fur place in downtown Portland - like, right in the center of very liberal Portland, where the shop has been for a LONG time (there used to be two, but the other one had closed up several years before). It was kind of a crazy experience - they have had so many protesters of the paint and blood throwing variety, as well as bomb threats and peaceful protests, that even though they are a downtown storefront you can't just walk in. I had to call ahead, ring a bell, be let into a small barred lobby/airlock sort of deal, and then buzzed into the main store after the outside door locked behind me.


The owner went through what we had and said there were some great pieces but not much of a market. The few things she had that were still in demand, according to him and my later research on the internet, are all currently illegal for most people to sell - seal, some specific types of rare lambskin I can't recall now, etc. Because of that he obviously wasn't offering to buy anything, and in the end the furs went back in the trunk. Not sure what we'll do with them when she is no longer with us.


Sorry I'm no help!



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If only it were just furs. My mother is 97, going on 98, and is a compulsive hoarder. I persuaded her to sell one of her rental properties a year ago, and she has gone through the entire $192,000 proceeds — and then some — in 12 months. I'm flying up to Delaware next week to see if it's possible to impose any order on chaos.


This is what her living room looked like a year ago; I have been told that it has gotten much worse since then. Fortunately, nothing has collapsed on her yet.


IMG_2682.JPG.20dff2e75fa8beadf7200e78d0e43972.JPG IMG_2684.JPG.829933381fbc9cec9c4672b5ce89279f.JPG

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15 hours ago, szurszewski said:

Not sure what we'll do with them when she is no longer with us.


I was just thinking, always a dangerous thing according to my better half, if these furs or other vintage clothing for that matter could be donated to a nonprofit community theater group, or a high school Performing Arts Department.  You could then use thrift store values like that found in Turbotax as a deduction.

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3 hours ago, Hosstage said:

Sell them to Macklemore.



Pretty sure his are all fake, but if I see him at a Mariners game this season I'll ask him!


...amusing first post, by the way :)


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