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When are we going to see a shop/repair manual for the R1200ST/RT? I have the Motorrad RepRom [CD] and I don't like it. Call me old fashioned. Anybody in the Know?

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I was down at the local BMW dealer with the same question - unfortunately no one there had a good answer. frown.gif


The Clymer website doesn't have anything either.

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FWIW.....I've read (at BMWMOA, I think) that it may take a "couple" of years of new model production before they are published.

I, too, bought the BMW cd's from my local dealer. They're great, but take some getting used to.The instructions seem to assume you have some background knowledge of BMW bikes; not to mention a truckload of BMW tools. eek.gif



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I just don't like the CD's. I don't like how it omitts information and I don't like how some references consist of pictures and others of cheesy little drawings. I don't care for the overall [lack] of structure and logical relationship, the orienting of one thing to another often challenges me or completeley confuses me. confused.gif

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