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Copying Repair CD to my hard drive?


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Are there any secrets to copying the R1200 maintenance CD to a hard drive so it will be faster. I tried the obvious and it doesn't seem to accept the copy command.

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LOL John I just finished doing mine. I really didn't find a way to make it faster but I did make it work. I explored the cd and copied the individual folders.

I created a folder and named it reprom (I don't think the name of this folder matters) and then opened it.


I then explored the cd and copied the small icons, don't copy Data yet.


Then explore Datas, create a folder along with the ones you just copied and name it Datas, open it then copy all of the folders except RepRom.

Create a folder and name it RepRom then open it. Explore RepRom on the cd and copy cdinfo and asl to the RepRom folder you just created. Then create a folder there and name it BWM-Motorrad and then open it. Explore the same folder on the disk and now it get fun.


I was able to copy all of the folders except AD, BILD, POS (I thinks this one describes the disk grin.gif), SPEZW, and TD. All of these I had to create the folders like I did above and then explore them and copy the contents.

It's a PITA but it's the only way i could get it to copy. I'm all ears if one of you computer guru's has an other option. I thought about some copy software but since it's only one disk I didn't look very hard. Just for the heck of it I'm trying to use Acronis true image to back up the CD and then see if I can restore it to a location on my hard drive. If that works I'll let you know.



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