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helmet locks


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I have an 1100RT-has anybody been able to utilise the under saddle helmet locks!!? They do my head in-I have tried several helmets but the saddle fit is so tight that the seat cannot be attached with helmets in place-any suggestions? eek.gif

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I bought a long shank lock from Wal-Mart for $4.00, lock the helmt around the rack on the back of the bike, it's always on the bike, the underseat locks are unuseable I think.


I have a Nolan Flip helmet too, I just thread the lock through the webbing, it locks on great.

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If you want to use the hooks under the seat to lock anything - a helmet, a jacket or???, then you have to use a cable with a loop at either end. You put the cable through whatever you want to secure, then pass the loop on one end of the cable through the loop on the other end and pull it through. Then attach the loop on the loose end of the cable to the hook under the seat and reattach the seat.



I have secured my jacket and/or my helmet to the bike this way. I purchased a short cable and a long cable from my dealer. The short cable is great for a just a helmet and the longer cable works on a jacket (through one sleeve) or a jacket and a helmet.


Hope this helps.

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What Barry said. Go to local bike shop (the kind with pedals) and get a vinyl coated cable lock with loops on each end. Not the real thick ones or it won't fit the lock clips under the seat. I think mine is about 2 feet long. Works very well.

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I use a cable also.Go to the local discount hardware store. They have cable covered with a clear coating. If you buy it at the right place it's inexpensive. You don't need a loop to attach under the seat I use the short connector which comes with the set. Put it on one end of the cable. It is large enough to prevent the cable from pulling out when attached under the seat. Chose the length and diameter you need. Pick up some connectors. No special tools needed. I used a hammer to set the connectors. Don't over do it. I have a long, and short one and some left over for later. The long one for my jacket and helmet, short one for the helmet only. If someone cuts this they'll get the your stuff anyway. I figure we'll only protecting our property form opportunist, who see a item they can get quickly.

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Like the others, I bought a silly little plastic coated chain and combination type padlock and slide it through the top of the pannier mounting arms each side ad the both helmets just sort of sit on the pillion seat. That way if it rains, (we are in the UK), the helmets are up the right way and stay dry inside. I do use the helmet brackets to sort of help tie kit on when touring. (I tend to strap stuff on top of the panniers, wifes hair drier, travel iron, six pairs of shoes, you know the kind of thing).


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It'd be interesting to see how many actually use those underseat BMW helmet lock doo dads......If I could figure out how to do it I'd post a survey....Important data, you know dopeslap.gif....



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Beat me to the wire BucksTherapy!!!! I was looking for the link to the guardian and there you go beating out of the last corner for the win! tongue.gif


I have the helmet guardian on my ST and also had it on the last 4 bikes I have had. Loved it. Very convenient and easy to use. thumbsup.gif

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The photo and a write up are from the MC FAQ at the header of this site, under the helmet lock section, here. It seems to me I had to research it a bit on my own. I can offer the following based on my recollection and a receipt of the parts I bought.


I bought 1 each of the following...

51252313472 helmet lock $25.25

51252313284 lock w/key $17.00

Also a bolt and locknut, size M6.


I also needed a clamp to attach this to the tube at the location shown in the photo. I found a clamp in my stash, I think these are called P clamps, with rubber covering. The clamp that holds my charcoal canister (2002 R1150RT) in place would be perfect, and its already black, so it will blend right in and it’s the right size. I needed the lock purchased above re-keyed to match my ignition key. The parts guy at my dealer did this for me. As you are assembling it, leave it a bit loose and get the orientation right before tightening it up.

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I use the lid lock web page


I bought two, one for me and the wifey.

Downside: you have to use the side cases

you use BOTH handles to hold the lock down meaning you have to lean against the case to keep it from opening while you lock the helmet.

Upside: small, cheap, easy to use, can leave wife's hemet attached to bike and still ride the bike.

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Jim VonBaden



Both my Nolan and my Scheuberth work. I just use the stitched part of the neck strap through the hooks.


Jim cool.gif

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