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How to remove the RADIO, please help


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Apparently this has been covered on the board before but a search didn't come up with anything.


I want to get to the back of the radio so I can plug into the rear speaker connector.


Is there an easy way to remove the radio?


Help would be appreciated.



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Remove the l/h side tupperware, this will give you access to the radio box and all the connections that enter it.


Radio is easily removed from the box with the prong type removal tools easily and cheaply obtained in the UK.

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If you need the romoval tool, I have one you can have. I traded my RT for a GS and still have the radio removal tool.

Just let me know.

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A big thank you to all those who helped with me solve this problem.


I'm happy to say "Problem Solved".


Now I'm listening to radio and cassettes through my helmet by turning the fader to "Rear Speakers".


It was a learning curve. Guided every step of the way by you guys and fellow board member, Keith Haynes.


All images and text... gratefully appreciated.



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