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He lite airbag vest

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Took the plunge and purchased a Helite inflatable air bag vest a few months ago and after wearing it a half dozen times I’m glad I did.

it is a bit heavy at first but I don’t noticed it now. The vest is proven to provide a lot of protection. I’ve been riding a long time and I know what it feels like to go flying off a scooter and it ain’t no fun, especially when you land! And the best part is, it made my wife happy.


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I've been wearing a Hi-viz yellow Hit-Air vest for over a year now. At first I was conscious of how it looked. Now it is the same as just putting on my helmet and gloves, something Indo every time I ride. 


Mine uses the coiled leash connection to the bike to deploy.  A couple of times, when I first started wearing it, I forgot to unleash it. No problems or accidental inflations!  The leash just tugged me back as I started to walk away. It takes something like 65 lbs of Force to trigger a deployment of the co2 cartridge. That is a lot of pull; but, nothing at all if your body becomes a projectile in an accident.  


All my riding buddies have have looked at and tried the vest on over the last year.  Only thing holding them back is the $$$$$ cost. I was fortunate to find mine used with no wear or deployments for 1/3 cost of new.  If I lost it now, I'd actually buy a new one as I've seen how much protection they offer a rider when deployed. I watched a fellow rider wearing a Hit vest high side his bike  and walk away from an accident that should have, in the very least, put him in the hospital.

His bike was ruined, his helmet was ruined, his Kevlar lined jeans were ripped and his gloves and boots took a beating. The deployed vest protected his upper body, stabilized his neck and protected his tail bone. 


Everything, including the vest, was replaced. He was very sore but  unscathed. 


I'm a believer!

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I have been wearing a Helite vest for a few years and it's now part of my ATGATT habit.

I hope I never have to use it but felt the need to go beyond just hope.

A friend - a very experienced rider who has  a Helite -  was glad he did when he found himself in second gear rather than first while negotiating a steep uphill cambered hairpin.

Even high siding at low speed the vest was inflated before he hit the road. Job done.



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My Helite is unnoticable while riding, but it's a pain when stopped. It's heavy. It should not be folded so it cannot be stored in pannier or top box. It has to be cable locked to the bike at most stops. It should be kept out of sunlight to preserve the Hi-Viz so I either turn my jacket/vest inside out or use my Nelson-Rigg half cover. 

I don't ride without it simply because I would feel very stupid if I crashed while it was hanging in the closet at home, but sometimes I hate the addition to the ritual I now have to go through to ride.

Mesh Overpants
 three zippers, two velcro strips, two snaps, belt buckle
 4 zippers, four velcro tabs, arrange pant leg over or inside
Mesh Jacket
 one zipper, two velcro strips, one snap
Older Kilimanjaro Jacket
 one zipper, six snaps, three velcro strips, one waist buckle 
 (a venting change can add five zippers, stopped counting at 22 velcro strips)

 (Add more fasteners to both jackets for wind/waterproof  or fleece liners)


 Ear plugs, buckle, chinbar latch
Helite Turtle
 Four buckles
 Arrange cuff overlap, two to four velcro strips
My wife wonders sometimes about the long delay between hearing "I'll be back" and the engine start...

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