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Firstgear Overpants HT or HT Air?


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Can anyone explain the difference? I've seen both advertised, but not sure of the pros/cons of either. Looking for the 'II' model so it can be zipped to the jacket.




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I have both.

The HT overpants have a thinsulate liner (removable).

They are waterproof by themself. (I also seam seal the crotch).

With liner, good to very low temperature.

W/out liner ood to medium temperatures, you can use 2 way zipper to vent a bit on the side. They will be warm above XX degress, based on your preference. About 75 or so for me.

The HT air have some areas of mesh. They have a removable waterproof liner. If it rains, the pants get wet, the liner keeps you dry.

They work w/liner in down to XX degress depending on what else you wear. I wear them over my dress pants when commuting in temps down to 45 or so, but I do have a heated seat. wink.gif

With liner out they're good up to XX temps. Haven't been above 90 yet, but as long as you are moving they work well.

I like the waist adjustment on the HT air better than the HT.

The air has a velcro loop on either side and adjusts ealily.

The HT has a belt the has some adjustment (velcro) in it, but not as much.

Overall, both excellent.

Soft armor, can add upgrades andcan add to hip area.

In s. fla. I'd be tempted to go HT Air first and carry some frog toggs or other lioghtweight rain pant for heavy rain.

Hope this helps.

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