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Grand America Floorboards


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I have been told by a number of people, including salesmen, that the floorboards are the reason for the GA being unstable in the wind and the reason why it has speed limitation set at 100MPH. I find the twitch quite unnerving having come off a very stable RT LC. I can't quite compute this as the Bagger has floorboards but is limited at a higher speed. This seems to take the floorboards out of the equation and tends to implicate the top box. Has anyone taken the floorboards off and noted any improvement? If this improves the stability in wind it is a cheap, easy fix. The top box is a whole different ball game.

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Not sure I've seen anyone on the board with a GA. There are only a few of us with either GTs or GTLs.  Might want to point your browser here to the K1600 board. Lots of folks with GAs and plenty of discussions on the speed issues.   You will have to sort through  some  uninformed opinions and the occasional smart ass comment unfortunately. 

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