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iTrip Auto - Help


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Someone posted here link to a "great buy" on the iTrip Auto FM Transmitter for iPod 30GB Video. I tried searching here and on www, but can't find the deal that was available (around $20).


If somone still has the link or knows where to get them still for cheap, I would appreciate the help.


Plus, if you have any recommendations for iPod accessories, let me know.



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There was a recent thread on deals for various iPod remotes HERE.


iLounge.com has regular reviews (and announcements) of pretty much anything related to the iPod.


The most used accessories I have are the Belkin TuneDoc (turns a cupholder into an iPod cradle) RemoteRemote and iTrip for my 20GB (3rd Gen) iPod, though the latter two can't be used simultaneously.

I'm planning to get an iCarPlayPlus for my wife, for her 30GB (5th Gen)



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