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Went to a fight in Costa Rica and a race broke out

Paul De

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18 hours ago, TEWKS said:

Wow, that sure burned his arse! :eek: :grin: Racing is racing but, I don't think I blame him for his anger.


Agree racing is racing and banging handlebars has always been part of it...well in the dirt anyway.  That kerfuffle was over the top like you might see in an action movie.  Dood got so jacked up, he trashes his own bike on a ghost ride to get at his rival.  Bet there is not going to be any bygones and hand shakes between those two. Ever!


Crazy stuff I never saw in my racing days, when the aggrieved racers sorted it out in the pit with a lot of yelling and hand and arm flapping:88:followed by embarrassment on both sides.

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