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Auxiliary driving light position.


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I just purchased a set of advMonster model 30 lights and a hex ezcan for my bike.  Ideally, I would like to mount the lights fairly low to provide a light triangle.   I intend to run them at a reduced power setting during the day to increase the conspicuity of the bike.  The bike has a set of ztecnik engine guards that may provide a suitable place for mounting the lights but it seems to me that the space between the guards and engine may not be large enough to fit a mounting bracket.  So before going any further, I thought I’d solicit advice on mounting my lights (where and how).   Anyone got any experience mounting auxiliary lights to a R1200RT?  Thanks for your input!

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Suggest to mount lights on or around caliper area.  See if the brackets you have are adaptable to accept caliper bolts. 

You might want to see if, either Clearwater or Moto Lights have a bracket kit that would accept your lights.

Please post photos of your results. 

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Thanks for the suggestions.   I just phoned Clearwater and they have a fender bracket for my bike.


I am also fiddling with a bracket that attaches to the ztechnik engine guards.   The guards have a built-in attachment point which is very difficult to access with the side panels on.   Once I have the side panels off, I will be in a better position to judge which of these two options works best for me.


The light installation is part of my spring maintenance so it will be a couple of weeks, at least, before I post pictures of the install.










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I put my AdvMonster's under my Mirrors, When to Lowes got the rubber plugs that you run a bolt in and they get tight. (I use the 1/4-20)




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Hello fellow CMA brother... I like the way those are mounted. I just bought an 07 1200RT last week and the guy mounted the Aux lights onto the engine bars, but I've been thinking about trying to move them up to the hole in the handle bars. Was it hard running the wires through the fairing? And did you have to completely disassemble the fairing?



p.s. On a side note, I noticed the stickers on your bike.  I am one of the founders of the Yuba City, CA. chapter (Crusaders for Christ).




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Thanks for the suggestions.   I really like the under mirror attachment.   Great idea!  I just finished making  brackets which lets me attach the lights to the engine guards.  I will post some pictures once I get the side panels back on next week.    If the engine mount doesn't work out, I will mount them under the mirrors.   

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Probably a good idea to make actual brackets for them. The previous owner of mine drilled through the engine bars and bolted a metal strip which the lights are mounted to. Personally, I wouldn't have drilled through the bars, but to each their own... 

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My ztechnik engine guards have a preinstalled accessory bracket.  Unfortunately the left one was not accessible due to the side panel being too close.  So I cut a small piece from a metal bar, painted it, drilled a couple of holes, and attached it to the engine guard.  I then bolted my lights to the bar   (see picture). 


I installed advMonster model 30 lights and their aux brake light (excellent products and tremendous customer service!) and attached the lights to my bike via a HEX ezCan.   The system works great in the garage!   





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