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Good evening!


In the spirit of Woman's History Month, I picked up a copy of _Lone Rider_ by Elspeth Beard (Octane Press ISBN: 978-1-937747-98-5).


Ms. Beard is the first British woman to ride around the world. Her "weapon of choice" was a BMW R75/5.


The book is an easy read and a very interesting story. I found the balance between "Here's what I saw" and "Here's what I was feeling/thinking" in her writing nicely presented.


Personally, I enjoyed the book quite a bit and just thought I'd share a recommendation if you're looking for an enjoyable, fairly quick read.


I have no affiliation with the author or publisher. There was a brief topic in Ride Tales about this a while back that pointed to an article about Ms. Beard's ride.


Best regards!



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I agree!  It was an interesting read. So many challenges and so hobbled by the lack of easy communication that we take for granted now.  And just to be accurate, it was an R60/6.   Kudos to my local library staff. They did not have the book in their system and when I approached them about it they gladly ordered a copy and put me first on the list to check it out.

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6 minutes ago, Michaelr11 said:

 And just to be accurate, it was an R60/6.  




You are absolutely right. Found a reference for the 75/5 in a different part of the book and mistakenly used that.


Thanks for the assist!


Best regards!



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She made an appearance last fall at the BMW shop in Charlotte (largely due to their hard working GM Greg I’m sure) and I would have loved to gone to that. 3 years ago on my Alaska trip with another GSA rider we camped overnight close to a young lady from Austria riding a bicycle from Argentina to Alaska. She had previously done a solo ride throughout Africa and wish I had written down her name because there’s a book in her future I’m sure. 


Thanks for the recommendation Jim!

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