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Used Helmets and Paramedics


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Hi Guys, Here in England, paramedics train in how to safely remove a helmet from an injured biker, not sure if the same happens in America, but I imagine it does. They have trouble in obtaining enough old or used helmets to practice with so  bikers here donate helmets direct to local paramedics or places where courses are run. Just a thought, but maybe old helmets could be donated the same way elsewhere, it's a positive way of helping the biking fraternity directly. Forgive me if it is already happening elsewhere, but if not, maybe when you have an old helmet (or damaged even-helps with the training and looking for trauma apparently)  maybe talk to a paramedic...


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Any moto gear you wish to get rid of, jackets, pants, and helmets will gladly be taken for training purposes.  Getting a flip up helmet versus a full face off are two completely different animals.  Just reach out to your local fire and or EMS department and they will gladly take them off your hands.  If anyone in the Ohio and North Carolina regions are not sure who to call, drop myself and it appears KneeDrachen as well can help.

Thank you so very much for thinking of us


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