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Hi From a Nooby...


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I live in Gloucestershire, England, and discovered this place whilst looking round the web for info on the BMW R1200 ST I just traded my Kawasaki GTR1400 Concourse in for. Like a lot of you, I expect, I've been riding for many years and ridden just about everything, but this site is the best I have come across in many a long year- great expertise and technical knowledge plus a very warm welcome from the administrators prompted me to join. I hope I can contribute and that you don't mind another  'foreigner' being here! 

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Great to have you here, Longtom (Tom?) Very easy to post pictures on the new platform and the old joke around here is it didn't happen without pictures. 😃

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I have never been on a GTR1400...I have been on a few STs. 


Maybe you could write up a comparison in Motorcycle Talk?






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Allo from the states and welcome!  My wife and I frequent England every year.  In fact, we will be passing close (somewhat) by your neck of the woods on the way to Wales from London at the end of June.  We are hiring an RT to attend an International Cruiser Treffen.  The R1200C is no longer in production and we want to go, so an RT is more suited for us; it is not like any cruisers are for hire.  


Do not worry about being a foreigner, I can understand Proper English.  :D



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It's probably not Tom, huh? :dontknow: :grin:
long tom
  1. 1. 
    a large cannon with a long range.
  2. 2. 
    a trough for washing gold-bearing deposits.
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Thanks everybody, that is really warm welcome, I do hope that I can contribute and will do a comparison between ST and GTR when I've done a few miles on the ST. To answer a couple of other points: My real name is Les,  I use the internet Nom de Plume  'Longtom'  in memory of a very  large tomcat I one shared my house with and who became a close and constant companion until infected by Feline Aids and dying before his time.  Coincidentally I live not far from the town of Tewkesbury, and as regards Treffens in Wales, I live 10 mile from the border with South Wales (at Monmouth) and have a lot of friends in that lovely land, I spend a lot of time there, so, wbw 60cs if you're on the A40 road I'll wave as you go past! If you want/need anything  whilst in the area, just ask. It would be interesting to talk to any other England members out there.

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Warmest welcome,  and glad you chose to join. 


The brother/sister-hood of riding motorcycles is not bound by nation or state, so you can't be a foreigner.  Motorcycle haters are not the other either, but simply need enlightenment.  Hope to read the comparison of the ST and GTR, especially if you don't hold back any punches.  It does seem with every iteration of the boxer inches closer to perfection, but most folks here readily admit the shortcomings of any vintage of BMW flat twin, but still love the bike warts and all.



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