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Final Drive and Magnetic Drain Plug


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Where can I find a Magnetic drain plug for the final drive? I have checked with my dealer and hve been searching the On-line dealers.

Obviously, I am missing something.

Thanks for the help.

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Stan Walker

I did not realize it WAS magnetic....

Never found anything on it.


Maybe yours isn't, it's easy to tell by looking at it the next time you change the final drive oil. It has a recess with a cylindrical magnet in it. Looks like a post in the center of a hole. See if it attracts a screwdriver bit. I've never heard of a final drive that doesn't generate some amount of crud that gets captured on the magnet.



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The magnet fell off and is now in the final drive

waiting to do something terrible?

The only thing that it could stick to is the gears and bearings. Everthing else is Alu. Thus, if it came loose, it would be instant disaster. He'd know about it!



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