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Small GPS?


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Anybody use anything like the Garmin 60series or 76series hand held? or a similar size other brand?


My dream is the full routing capability in the small package like the handheld units.


I know the Quest and Quest2 are highly regarded, but I prefer the oblong screen orientation.


Thanks you.

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I've been using an Etrex Legend but am looking to upgrade soon. You can download routes, waypoints, etc. from Mapsource on a PC. I think even with the more sophisticated units it's still easier to do routing on a PC. The Etrex was fine as a starter gps but lack of a color screen makes it hard to see in certain lighting conditions. Surprisingly I have found that I can operate the buttons on the unit even with my heavy gloves on (it might take a time or to but it can be done). Works well as a hand held and battery life (2 AA) is over 15 hours.

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Anybody use anything like the Garmin 60series?


I recently bought the new 60 Cx to replace my eMap. I've been waiting for Garmin to finally come out with a model like that.


I couldn't be happier with the unit...it does it all...


- multi power options (2 AA alkaline of NiMH that last, USB, or cigarette lighter...8 to 36 V)


- non proprietary memory cards...like a 1 GB microSD for US$50. Anything with non-expandable memory is too limiting for my use.


And I too like prefer the "portrait" screen orientation.

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