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BMW Helmet Communicator


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The blue tooth pairing works just fine. I am connected to the BMW Bike, Garmin Nav 5, Cellphone.  As soon as music or a GPS instruction is received, the unit just shuts off. The Bluetooth icon on the instrument display just keeps flashing  as if the helmet unit is connected and then disconnected.

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A PITA but what about a factory reset on the unit? Then re-pair it to everything. Only a swing in the dark, I fumble my way through all these high tech gizmos.

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How old is the communicator ? 

If an early one, the battery may be the issue. Back when i was the installer for these several years ago, there were parts available, battery, etc.  the "motherboard" was the fix for something that couldn't be diagnosed obviosly. 



Have you tried removing all the extras and trying person to person, then adding each accessory one at a time or independently , that may lend a clue to which add on is causing the glitch. It possible the add on has something in its "settings" that has changed during an upgrade or just magically changed as can happen. 



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