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Angle of controls on right and left handlebar


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Anyone change the angle of their controls on the handlebars?


Not the distance to the bars (using the numbered wheels provided), but the actual angle of the entire controls on both the right and left handlebar....I.E. switch housing and control lever.


If so, how did you loosen them so that they could be rotated either up or down? I would like to rotate mine upward a little.

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I'm glad someone else has asked this. When I got my RT recently I spent a couple of days sulking because I thought it was the first bike I had bought that didn't have adjustable controls. I have always set the clutch and brake in peculiar positions - one of my foibles but of course I am used to it and not ready to give up my habit.


Anyway, all is well. After a considerable struggle I figured out how to take apart the switch clusters and there beneath are the conventional pinch bolts.


Too difficult to explain in detail but it will help if you print off the illustration from the on-line microfiche:




Not the most user-friendly design. Something else I have always done with my bikes is to slacken the pinch bolts a bit so that the levers are less likely to break if the bike gets dropped.

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