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body panel removal 2007 r1200rt

Shane J.

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I am very familiar with how to remove the panels on the r1150rt, but this 1200 is really different. Is there a writeup somewhere on the procedure? I have searched the forum without luck.

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Take the screws out, pull the plastic off :classic_biggrin:


Seat off

Tank bag holder needs to be removed (four screws)

Upper left/right (depending on the side), the screws for where those speaker looking slots are need to come out.

On the right side, you have to get under the lip of the glove box for the two screws there (it removes the lid of the box).

On each side, above the wheel, there are two screws that need to come out.

On the left side, under the powerlet, the uppermost screw needs to come out (comparable screw on the right side as well)

Trace the edging of the panel and remove all screws associated with the panel


On the left side, when pulling the fairing, don't yank too hard lest ye yank the power plug wires.  On the right side, be careful of the temp sensor.


When in doubt if you have all the screws out, wiggle the plastic, if all are out, the thing will be real loose, if not, something will be tight.  Additionally, you may have to remove plastic piece A to get plastic piece B off,......more screws.


Note:  some of the screws are different sizes.




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Thank you, very helpful. I don't actually need to take off the panels yet but wanted to have the information on hand for when it becomes necessary. I have my hands full right now getting my '06 1150rt ready for market, brake flush, throttle sync, oil change, tires, etc.. That will keep me busy for a few evenings. My '07, it had a full service at the dealer by the previous owner just a few thousand mile ago, so unusual for me, a new bike that doesn't immediately need work.

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