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The nmoto.com redux of the 1930's BMW R7?


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Did a site search and didn't see anyone mention it so...


It is a fabulous design and for $40K, I don't think it too outta line. Its built on a new RnineT chassis so has all the modern performance, convenience and reliability of a modern machine but the beautiful art-deco design of the 1930s R7. Guaranteed you will get a lot of attention everywhere you go, whether you want it or not. NMOTO Nostalgia. I love the exhaust pipes.




NMoto BMW R7 blue.jpg

NMoto BMW R7.jpg

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Cool looking bike.  I saw it in person at the IMS in December.  If I ever get around to getting a 3rd bike, I would love to get an RnineT, but this steps it up a notch.  Hmmm.........someday.  Someday,

Nice to dream, right?

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I'd buy one in a heartbeat with lotto money.  :-)

I've always loved art deco styling.  My previous cruiser was styled in that.


If I didn't get that, I'd love the R11 from Grand Budapest Hotel.

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