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6 hours ago, Red said:

 In the N latitudes the pond would be a skating rink some months, but with a tall bucket, skate away.

I’m going to make another trap for under the back deck at the house. I’ve got a gallon of windshield washer fluid that I’ll fill the swimming pool with! ;) 

I’ll just grab this from the kitchen 🤫 and I’ll save on WW fluid! :classic_biggrin:


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Just got back from 2.5 hours of driving to all four of my sites delivering to those working today.


Started with



Made four



These came out



Pumpkin bread with chocolate and almonds


And they say FoxNews is useless


Also made two more for the family!!

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Yeah Mike,  the Atlanta airport was a madhouse.  I had to go through general boarding security as I had forgotten to update my Known Traveler Number when my passport  expired/renewed; I did not get TSA PreCheck.   :ohboy:  Houston (Hobby) was basicaly deserted.


My rental ride - SWEEET!   2020 GT.  It is in rain mode because of precipitation.  For some reason, the rear tires have no grip.  :dontknow:


Tomorrow, I will get to get a feel for it when the roads dry up.   :yes:




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On 11/23/2021 at 8:32 PM, Rougarou said:


Thanks, but wasn't til now I noticed this.


You know how you're working and into what your doing, but don't realize that you forgot something til much later,.....well, now is that time I noticed what I forgot.


Yesterday I wrapped the garage face.  Before I wrapped it, there was a base to the vent that, when they put the vinyl on, whoever did it, "chipped" the extruding part of that base.  It's where the cedar siding butted up to at the top, under the base of the triangle.  Anyway, I had to "mill" the board that went up there with my $50 table saw, angle on the bottom, angle on the top, two wedge cuts at different lengths, all on the same board.  I finished that, got it in place, then commenced to wrapping it up.  I also had to "reinstall" an outlet box that they removed and just drilled a hole through the center support.  Got done with that,.....finished the wrapping, told myself to cut the wrap where the outlet box is,.....and as you look at the picture,....do you see a cut, 'bout center of the whole thing, for an outlet box,.........no, you don't:87:  Now I gotta go back in the damn attic, bring my vibrator and poke a hole,.......ugh!!!!  If you look a couple of pictures up, you'll see where the hole is for the outlet box!!!,.....it ain't there for the new siding!!!!!


You've done well if that's the worst mistake you made m'friend!  Looks good!

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56 minutes ago, TEWKS said:

Did ya ever experience it as a kid down there? BTW, had to look that up…:spittake:


Yep, 'memba in the mid-70's we had a dusting in SW Louisiana,.....which for us, was a  blizzard, snow drifts at least 1/2-1" high.  There's a picture of a sneauxman on the hood of my mom's 69 Mercury Marauder (ya, with the 429 Interceptor motor), he was about 2ft, tall.  Got an old happy snap somewhere of it.  Really need to digitize all the old photos.



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2 hours ago, taylor1 said:

Richard, when I first saw the pic. I was hoping you were getting infused with a little more sarcasm. Can never have too much :rofl:

well, I tried sincerity once, it was hilarious, so sarcasm it is

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