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With the ability to snap and post LIKE NOW, :grin: this being a benefit of the new board, I present to you my backyard a moment ago.

What's going on out there in your neighborhood?:lurk:



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yeah was trying to solve a small calculous problem my neighbors kid asked me about.  That's what I get for looking out my window. 


I love the nature scenes..  very very cool.  Hey Terry...shoo some of those ducks my way.  Surely they can make it the 10 miles.  I can send you some serious crap dumping pigeons in exchange.

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Great Photos! Right now at 2am, the snow plow just went by my house for the second time. While I say "Plow", it wasn't snowing 3 hours ago when I started editing video, so I assume he's spreading Corrosive Crud.

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1 hour ago, Indy Dave said:

What year is that puppy, Pat. Those are some elaborate mirrors on that rig.


Dave, our E-1 & E-2 are twin 2008 Pierce Velocity models bought used out of Texas a few years ago when it was discovered that both of our Emergency One engines had cracked frames. Basically a two for the cost of one deal.


The puppy dog mirrors are awful, big blind spot as the road slightly turns left. You have to look around the mirror.


The brand new E-1 replacement.



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I hadn't really planned on doing gravel today. I should have known, I washed the crud off the bike yesterday from the last time this happened.





Note the dog in the window. I think these folks are just getting by, I hope things get better. That's a small space for the number of cars.




Well, they did get the trash to the curb . . .









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Hi John - I've been scouting roads South West -


The creek photo and the original two photos were  between Mahalasille and Waycross. Once that road turns to gravel, it stays that way to 44. I hit three  four other sections of gravel, the last of which was the more dirt than gravel in the last photos. I opted not to take the next road on the route that was gravel, as it'd been light flurries all afternoon and I was beginning to wonder if I'd used up all my Clean Living quota for the day. I still had a good ways to go to get home, so that's what I did. I have the GPX route if you'd like it. Map link inserted after the photo.






This link should give you the road info.





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Morgan-monroe state forest has some nice gravel, but it's getting rutted from Winter. Happy to ride sometime John! Carmel Ridge Road is very nice - newly paved - I'm guessing was previously gravel. - BTW - on the link, in the upper right, you can change the display map.

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Blizzard of "19" in Tulsa, OK .:classic_biggrin: It did get down to 10 this morning, schools closed, stores

out of milk and bread???:classic_unsure:




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On 3/4/2019 at 5:22 AM, TEWKS said:

The fun shovel 

I have something similar Pat, but was surprised over the weekend to find almost 2 feet of new snow out at my lake house (near Big Lake, AK).  It was too much for my 4-wheeler to push, so I had to do lots of shoveling before I could use the rig to make a path wide enough to get the Jeep and trailer into the driveway.  It had been weeks since I'd been out there.


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Funny you say that Marty, it was her first day back at riding lessons today. I wasn't there so, no pics. :dontknow: That kid is busy, she's non stop! :burnout:

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I have those memories.  It proves they are stronger than us.  My daughter is 46 now....wow, I am old!

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