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Up grading helmet

Joe Coastie

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Did a quick search on LS2 helmets. Didn't see much.

Anyone here use a LS2 Valiant helmet. I like the idea of full face or open face combined in one.

Looking for pros and cons.

My local BMW/Honda dealer (Velocity Cycles, Mechanicsburg, Pa) is a dealer.

I don't buy helmets without first trying them on.

Options are welcome. Thanks


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I don't know about the LS2 but for a great helmet fit try The Service Pavilion Located in New Holland PA.  They will get you the best fit.  I bought one there a while back and they spent the time and traded out pads as needed to get me the best fit.  They sell Arai.

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Hey Wacky Rider, 


I have the Valiant for 1 season and am quite happy with it. The previous helmet was Shark Evoline 3 and it looked fancier (colour scheme, plusher inner materials) but the mechanisam was worse then the LS2. The Valiant mechanisam beets the Shark, the visor is thicker and sturdier. LS2 has to work on the minor details such as plushness of the interior, colour & interior sun visor options since in Europe they have a grater variety. All in all very good helmet. I  recommend it.:18:

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I have the LS2 modular (2 years of riding) and the Shoei Neotec 2 (1 year, so far).  I have disassembled both way past where you are supposed to stop (I was trying to swap the chin straps).  There isn't 2 cents worth of difference in the construction, inside and out.  Maybe the shells are different, dunno.  They weigh about the same, both are for "long oval" heads and fit the same, and have the same features, drop down visor, quick release ratchet strap, vents, skirts.  The three big differences are, 1 - the price tag; 2 - the SHOEI sticker on one of them; and 3 - the LS2 chin strap ratchet release is MUCH better, easier to use.

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I have two modular LS2s.  The first is a firefly.  Amazing build quality, but I used the sizing charts and even though I sized Large, I bought an XL -- didn't fit!

So I bought an LS2 Strobe in XXL AND IT DIDN'T FIT EITHER.  I know I have a big head, but.  

Anyway, I've got them both for sale if you're interested.  C-list in rochester ny if you want pics.  Oh... both white... the safe color.  New-in-box.  PM me if you're interested.

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Joe Coastie

I did upgrade my helmet. I purchased a LS2 Verso open face in the matte titanium color.

Although it;s not the Valiant model it seems to be a very good unit.


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