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Road side trouble


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About 150 miles from home my rear tire went flat. No drama, just slowed and pulled off the four lane. During the three hour wait for my wife to show up with the trailer  five people stopped to offer assistance. I'm sure most of you have similar stories, but I found it gratifying.

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I always carry a tire plug kit a small air compressor. I have fixed many a flat for me and others in much less than 3 hours! It is good that others showed you some concern.

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Yes, sometimes people surprise me. And it does make me feel better about humanity.


I carry two plugger kits and a CO2 gun (with extra cartridges) and a can of Fix-A-Flat.  With that I have a chance to plug a flat tubeless tire.  Tubed tire?  Well, your stuck, SOL.  Modern tubed tires are not like they were in the 60s -- it's not practical today (roadside) to remove the wheel, take off the tire (with tire tools), remove the tube, find the hole,  patch it, pump it back up with a small bicycle pump.

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2 minutes ago, RAMBLIN RED said:

sidewall cut , it was all over....

Yep.  Nuthin you can do for that.  Do you have any idea what caused it?  Old tire?

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Tire was a PR3 with close to 10k on it so it was due for a change. Center tread was not down to the wear bars but the cut was on the side about 1" in length. New PR3s ordered. Gonna have to find a new favorite soon, or get a newer bike. 

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