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Gear Review: NEXX X.Wed 2 Adventure Helmet


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When you slide most adventure helmets on, they tend to feel fine at first, but they need a jaunt around the block before the purchase decision. Fortunately, I was able to take a thousand-mile jaunt with NEXX’s newest helmet aimed at the adventure riding market, the X.Wed 2.

With some big shoes to fill, the X.Wed 2 entered the market as a successor to NEXX’s wildly successful XD1. The XD1, for those unfamiliar, has risen to the level of adventure riding gear fame both in North America and other parts of the globe. In fact, Touratech’s Aventuro helmet was designed in conjunction with Nexx and shares striking similarities with the XD1.

nexx wed 2 helmet review 1

It’s clear that extra care and thought were put into maximizing this helmet’s comfort. NEXX has re-designed its internal lining to conform closely to the rider, while simultaneously maximizing ventilation to the upper part of the head.

On the bike, NEXX's objective in maximizing ventilation is obvious. The chin vent is compatible with multiple included inserts, increasing or decreasing the amount of air directed toward the rider’s face.

nexx wed 2 helmet review 2

Adventure-style helmets have always been plagued by the peak, which turns into a wind sail at highway speeds. While nearly all ADV-style helmets feature removable peaks, the X.Wed 2 is adjustable. This can change both the amount of buffeting experienced by the rider and the amount of ventilation to the head.

Despite the increased ventilation, the X.Wed 2 remains relatively quiet. As with any adventure helmet, maximizing ventilation comes at a cost, but with the vents closed and chin curtain installed, the X.Wed 2 becomes one of the quietest helmets I’ve tested. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like wearing earplugs, but the reduction in noise is appreciable.

nexx wed 2 helmet review 2

Speaking of the ears, the NEXX X.Wed 2 comes straight from the factory, fully capable of seamlessly accepting the NEXX X-Com Bluetooth communication system. The X.Wed 2 also has additional recessed ports for speaker installation for other comm devices.

As is standard on many adventure helmets, the X.Wed 2 is compatible with dirt goggles for the serious off-roader. It also boasts a massive field of view with the visor and has an integrated drop-down sun shield.

If you’re in the market for a mid- to upper-tier adventure helmet to meet your commuting, day-tripping, or globe-trekking needs, look no further than NEXX’s X.Wed 2. MSRP: Solid—$479.95 | Graphics—$529.95 NexxNorthAmerica.com



 Maximized ventilation with quiet operation  Where's the micro-racheting chin strap?
 Comfortable enough to wear all day
 Minimal buffeting at highway speed

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