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First service causes changes to bike starting


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This isn't a problem just an observation. I had my bike in for its first service on Friday. Saturday morning when I go to start the bike it struggles to start and then dies. Holding the throttle open a bit and it fires right up. The same thing this morning. While it was cold here (just above freezing) I have been using and starting the bike in much colder weather (like -6C) and it always started first touch of the button with no assist from the throttle. The bike runs great since its first service (in fact I think it runs a bit better than it did). The idle is fine, smooth and steady, but just this strangeness with the starting. Obvioulsy somethings changed but I am not quite sure what.

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Might want to consdier taking it back to the dealer. It is probably the base setting for the idle air control motors. These can only be set with the computer at the service area. Should be no more than a 5 minute job.


Of course, you could just live with it. It should warm up up there by August or so. dopeslap.gif

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Tread lightly with your "observations" young Skywalker, lest the apologists descend from the aether and smite thee for thine impertinence and failure to accord proper reverence for The Marque! tongue.gif


Seriously, any tuning change that occurred should be easily corrected by the dealer.

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When it goes for its next service I will comment on it. It isn't a big enough issue for me to worry about it and the next service will come soon enough. As I say except for the odd behaviour starting the bike runs even better than it did new so the state of tune is otherwise excellent. I was more curious than troubled by this.

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