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BMWST Merchandise


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Don't know if it fits here, so Mods move it as you see fit. Or delete if you don't like it....:classic_biggrin:


BMWST swag? Is it in the works?


I'm thinking some basic items to sell and support the site. Like a simple black cap with the BMWST logo. And a couple shirts, a long and short "T"...and perhaps some reflective stickers as in the past. I'd be happy to help in any way. 


I know the folks behind the scenes doing the transition from the old site to the new, and the new owner have been busy. As well as the mods.


Anything in the works?



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4 hours ago, mbelectric said:

new owner have been busy. As well as the mods.


Anything in the works?



Nothing specific planned as of this moment, its been bit hectic with the launch .  :classic_biggrin:    However the subject has come up.


Would be interesting to have a few more opinions .... 

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You ever look at Zazzle.com?  Print your pic, logo, art, etc. on dang near anything.  I think you can cook up a bmwst t-shirt, allow anyone to buy it, and then put a swag link here somewhere.  You don't even touch the products, but you get a cut.


I dunno, my wife was doing some designs on there, and once in a while someone would buy a shirt or lunchbox with  her design, and then zazzle would send her some money.  It wasn't much, but it sounded pretty easy.  I don't know how it works.

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