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Wind chill explained


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We moved from sunny warm southeast Alaska to the bitterly cold dark arctic tundra the year after that revised index was published. It was hotly debated. 













If you want to have more fun, look up the background behind the old “you lose 75% (or however much) of your body heat through your head” adage. 

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LOL I commuted to Chicago for a year while working on a project. One of the workers there said my car wouldn't start because of the wind chill. I tried to explain that the car, an an inanimate object, was not affected by wind chill. Of course he knew better and could not be persuaded otherwise. 


When the wind is WHIPping off of Lake Michigan while walking on North Michigan Ave in downtown Chi Town, you swear it's even colder than the wind chill index would suggest.

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One of the BIG reasons we moved out of IL. in 2014. No snow shovel for me and what's

a snow blower?? Ya, some vinter we'll get some but it's gone in a few days.

Now as to severe weather, we make tornado's here!!!

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