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R1100RT tank bag installation

Eckhard Grohe

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Eckhard Grohe

I finally bought a BMW tankbag off the internet and am looking at the installation. Does anyone know where to find or have a pdf. of the instructions on how to install it?


The issues are:

First: the screws at the front are too short if I use any of the washer included. Less than a diameter engagement of the screw.


Second: I need to buy the special velcro to attach at the back. Any sources other than BMW?


Third: Once I have it, the Velcro, where does it go exactly?


Fourth. What about the extra bits of sticky foam?


Fifth: What does the skinny shock cord do? Hold on the rain protector?


I remember reading abut the bag scuffing the tank and we should add a towel or something

to make life easier for the paint.



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I can help with number 3...

at the bottom of the tank, where the front of the saddle covers the tank, you will find a lip or shelf. You have to remove the seat to see this. I think this is the same velcro as the heavy duty industrial type. I have purchase some like it at a fabric store.

The leather flap from the tank bag will attach to the velcro at this point.


I think the skinny strap is used for the rain cover like you mentoned and maybe to compress the bag when the extension is attached and the bag is not full. I have never used mine.


Good luck smile.gif

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Jerry Johnston

I just used the scrws that were already in the front - didn't need washers as the braket acks like a washer. You can get some decent velcro at any Radio Shack and when you put the bag in place you'll be able to see where to attach the velcro in back. I Shoe Gooded some of the rubber shelf material to the pads on the bottom of mine to prevent scratching. I don't remember the xtra foam so don't know where it goes and the skinny strap I just streched around the front of mine although around the back you could maybe use it to hold your gloves when refueling?

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