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New member, new to BMW


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Hello all, new member here, pick up my new R1200RT tomorrow. As you can see by profile picture I was a racer and have a variety of bikes from a 1958 Panhead to sport bikes. Love all motorcycles but this is my first BMW. Hope to listen and learn here and maybe see you down the road

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Welcome -  sounds like you are a motorcycling enthusiast.   You have found a forum that is made up of motorcycling enthusiasts regardless of brand or primary interest (track, travel, off road, etc).  If you can join us for one of this years events on the east coast (START, FART or the UN), you will quickly find you will want to be a part of this wonderful community.:thumbsup:

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Another welcome and hope you enjoy your new ride!   Assuming you bought it at Motorcycles of Charlotte you are in GREAT hands!   One of the best BMW dealers anywhere.   Hope we cross paths there as I am in Charlotte as well. 

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Welcome.  Your 1st BMW and it is brand new.  Way to go, no toe in the water, just jump right in.   In MOHO the latest water head version RTs have the fewest idiosyncrasies as far as riding them relative to other makes so there is little need for "adapting" to the bike.


Quite a few folks here raced in some form of the sport, so you should be right at home.  What bike(s) did you race?



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Welcome! I’m just up the road from Charlotte - south side of Hickory. You should definitely attend START in Sparta to get acquainted with this great group of riders...

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I’ve too been through a lot of motorcycles in 45 years of riding. I test road a 06 R1150R last year and bought it

or traded my Bonneville for it. I fell at home on it . Handling and feel are top notch and it’s old tech to BMW

the BMW club here in Knoxville is made up of older guys like me and that’s fine too. Welcome

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Welcome from another new member. I joined a few weeks ago but just became active a week or so ago. My intro post a few down from this one. I am definitely NOT and ex-pro racer and this is my first big bike thou I've been riding for along time. 



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