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Clutch Repair - R1150RT


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Been a long time since I posted, but hello everyone...


Could someone link me to a suggested parts list or link on this site for R1150RT clutch replacement?





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Depends, the clutch replacement might also require a input shaft replacement... :classic_laugh::classic_laugh:

But basically, you will need a complete kit:




one of #4, 5, 6, and 7 

six of #8's


Also, a slave cylinder if you are working in there and some grease for the input shaft and the diaphragm spring plate.



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Thanks all.  One minor item, last time I did this I replaced neutral switch.  It wasn't broken but I figured once going that far in...why not.



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Fair enough.

You said the last time you did this...Is this the second clutch? If so, how many miles have you got out of each clutch?

What state is the gearbox input spline  in?

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Take a peek at my compilation of various Clutch Repair  videos in the Web link below, remembering that nowadays it's possible to replace the OEM Sachs-brand Clutch Friction Plate with a new third-party item that comes complete with a longer splined hub to ensure complete coverage of the bike's splined input shaft, thus extending the service life of both rod and plate.

Click on this and choose "Open Link in New Tab" if the video hasn't already been embedded automatically by our spanking-new redesigned web pages..



Buena suerte...


And thanks AS ALWAYS to the inestimable Chris Harris, BMW Motorcycle Technician, now in Maine, USA


AL in s.e. Spain

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13 hours ago, RT1150Ted said:

For the knucklehead... replace what neutral switch?



There is a switch on the back of the transmission that identifies neutral. When it fails the neutral light on the dash won’t come on and then the bike won’t start unless you pull the clutch lever....and that’s often when people find out their clutch switch has also failed. 


It it is difficult to get to the neutral switch when the bike is together, and they are known for failing. 

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14 hours ago, RT1150Ted said:

For the knucklehead... replace what neutral switch?





Morning RT1150Ted


BMW likes to mess with you as that switch goes by different names.


On the 1100RT it is called an idle switch.


On the 1150RT it goes by a couple of different names depending where you look, in the BMW parts manual it is called a 'gear position switch', in the BMW repair manual it (same switch) is called a 'neutral safety switch'.



Szurszewski told you where it is located







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