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Intercom Rookie needs help


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I've always tried to keep cycling simple and have never used an intercom with my wife on the back of my bike (silence is golden). However, we recently purchased a bike for her. If for nothing other than safety, it's probably a good idea for us to have bike-to-bike communication capability. So, I'm looking for some advice. I think I'd like to keep it simple with the following parameters:


1) Not hard wired to the bike.

2) Intergrated rechargable batteries.

3) Capable of bike-to-bike and rider-passenger.

4) Self contained "on helmet" OK.

5) Voice activated.

6) Don't need music, NAV or other input capability.


Any suggestions?

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My wife and I use a Chatterbox GMRS X1, they mount on the helmet or use a belt clip. It has all of the features you want plus it can be wired for cell phone, audio if desired. Be sure to order with the noise cancelling headset if you go this direction.

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