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FYI, The Tyres Are Gone

Bob Palin

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For a number of years I had a stock of partly used tyres in my shed in Torrey which people donated and others required. I haven't been riding and the tyre changing machine was just taking up space in the garage so I have cleared it all out. I think the nearest place that might have tyres now would be Jorgenson Honda in Richfield, 65 miles west of Torrey. The nearest BMW dealer would be a tie between Grand Junction. CO and Salt Lake City, I would choose the former for best service.

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Note to Torrey newbies on what this means:  before going to Torrey, make sure you've got plenty of tread left on your tires.  Utah roads will eat your tires, especially if you're having any fun at all (and you want to!).  Many a rider (myself included) has been surprised by running out of rubber in Torrey.

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