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White Sands, New Mexico


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I'm working on a cross country ride in late April and will going right by White Sands, and I'd like to check it out.  Research has told me there is a road/path into the area.  My question is the road paved?  Packed Sand or other?  If not paved can the RT handle it without ditching me in thick sand?  Does the road surface change with the seasons?

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You probably mean the road into the Nat. Monument Visitor Center, checking Google Earth it looks paved all the way in but can't be 100% sure since there's snow on the last third or so, I'd say likely though. 


Not that pertinent but I found this interesting about riding near the missile range, the NMBDR goes along a couple of the boundaries from east to west. I remembered it from a ride report by Big Dog Adventures.


We then turned south and rode I bet 70 miles on this sandy road thru the deset just West of the border of the Missile range.
Sometimes we were right on the border fence with signs warning of un-exploded ammo.






And then things turned weird-----------really weird.
It's seems all 3 of our gps's lost a satellite signal -----all at the same time--------what the heck was going on ????
Was the world at war-------sun flare--what the heck ???? We were lost.
We came to this gate and turned back hoping to get a gps signal.






It was beautiful in here and the sand wasn't that deep when we went thru and we could ride really fast if we wanted to.






Our gps's would get a signal momentarily at times----and Jerry got us out of there some how.
You'll never convince me any different----I think the military guys in the missile range had us on radar and infa-red and were
just screwing with us--------laughing all the time.

Jerry's a better rider than me---and when he gets out front there is no catching him on his 96,000 mile Yamaha WR250R.
He flew down these roads---but our gps's were working now and we now had the navigation to get out of here
without following someone.






We all knew this was out there from pictures we'd seen from the BDR guys---------but were afraid we'd missed it wandering around out there--------lost at times.











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Johnny Jetson

Interesting reply, but not related the White Sands Nat'l Monument.  The Missile Range is adjacent to the gypsum sands of the monument but (as you see) not open to the public. 


RE White Sands Nat'l Monument -- Road from the visitor's center into the interior of the monument is paved but often covered with packed gypsum (the "White Sand" isn't sand but gypsum).  Going off the paved road into the several parking areas you are on hard-pack dirt covered with the white sand.  You can park in any of  these and hike into the dunes, but no off road riding is permitted. Ride carefully and you won't have any trouble.   


As a kid this was a sort of winter destination for kids from El Paso (me, at that time).  We would take waxed cardboard sheets and toboggan down the hills.  Big fun.  Possibly the only place on earth where you can get a sunburn inside your nose.  

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It’s paved ... until it’s not. The visitor center is right off the highway, and the entrance to the “monument” is after that. There is a paved road for awhile, but then you get into the gypsum as mentioned above. It is totally rideable on any bike when dry - haven’t tried it when when wet. 


My underwear  from talking to the rangers when we were there is that the deeper road in the monument, and the parking areas, is plowed gypsum and does move a bit from time to time, and there are drifts when it is windy (and I think it’s always windy). You can camp on the “sands” if you’re willing to hike in and out. And camp in super fine constantly blowing sand. 




Here is a post from our time there a couple years back. The roads into the

monument can be seen in a few shots. It looks just like where the bike is parked in whip’s Post above. In fact, if you zoom in on the shot of Laura and the pups, you can see our rig parked upper left, and much of the flat white you see is road and parking areas. Super fun stop for us. 




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ok so the road is paved to the visitor center.  I'm gonna check it out on my way to Tombstone.  You ain't gotta worry about me riding the RT off in the dunes.  I'm just gonna do a fly by and grab a few pics.  Thanks for the help.

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I took the "road" from the ranger station all the way to the back of the park in August of 18. The sand is packed hard. It's easy to ride on but it is bumpy. There isn't much to be worried about if you stay to center half of the road. Along the edges, the sand piles up and it can cause you to get a bit squirrelly. I don't consider myself a "highly skilled or technical" rider and I didn't have a problem. 


It is worth the trip!




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