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Hollow sound in valve train


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I recently purchased a 03 GS. When it gets hot it has a hollow sound in the valve train on the left side. I traced it to the valves with a stehoscope. I took the bike to the BMW dealer and had all the fluids changed and the valve adjustment and throttle bodies to establish a base line for future service. I know a test drive was done after the service. The same sound is still there. Is this normal, or has the valve adjustment loosened. I have only put on 10 miles since the service because I am waiting for the title.

Thanks for any input.

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I'm not sure what you mean by a 'hollow' sound but valvetrain noise in general is caused by loose valves (probably not the case if it was just serviced), or perhaps a little rocker arm end play (which is a different thing than valve clearance, and not usually a problem unless really excessive) or perhaps some cam chain noise which seems to be normally a little louder on the left-hand side on oilheads. There are some fixes for can chain noise as well but it also isn't usually much to worry about unless it's very noisy.


Not hearing your bike it's hard to guess of course, but if a mechanic has just looked at it and says you're OK then you probably are, unless you are talking about a rather severe noise. If so take it back and let the dealer have another listen just to be sure.

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Knocking noises from the valve train on these bikes is usualy down to yjr chain tensioners. There is a new type available to get round the issue, your dealer should know about it.



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