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Garmin 2610 mounting question


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I used the Garmin motorcycle mount and just fabricated an 'L' bracket from aluminum stock. Works and looks great, and the windscreen can be lowered completely when the GPS is in place.

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Bill in Vermont

I had a RCU shelf on my 1150 RT and the 2610 bounced too much to be satisfactory. I have switched to a RAM mount on the clutch reservoir and am totally happy with it, also using the RAM cradle for the connections.

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Can you post a photo or two of your mount? I have my 2610 mounted to my RCU shelf also and (although it does "bounce" some on RR tracks, cattle guards, and very rough roads) it works OK. But I'm always looking for some better arrangement. I like the location where it is now (center and low in field of vision) for safety reasons.

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I left my camera at work this weekend but I'll try to get a picture when I can.


Regarding stability, like you I get a little movement over very rough roads but nothing that causes any usability issues. Most of the movement seems to come from the entire upper fairing rather than the RCU shelf itself as far as I can tell. I personally like RCU shelf mounting in that it puts the GPS in just about the perfect viewing plane as you can glance at the unit and keep an eye on the road at the same time.

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I was thinking about using a mount from the site below.



I would just attach it to the RCU shelf.

Has anyone else used this mount??




I used the locking mount for my 2730 (Part Number: 065-0066), but I placed it between the handle bars. You also need: http://www.cycoactive.com/gps/ttbmw.html (Part Number: 040-0650) if you are putting it on an RT.


If you like to ride with the windshield down, you can't mount it on the shelf because it is too tall. I was going to do the same thing.


Check out the pic attached


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If you like to ride with the windshield down, you can't mount it on the shelf because it is too tall.
I have a 2610 mounted on an RCU shelf and I can lower the windscreen all the way. I think the 2730 has the same dimensions as the 2610 (?) so it should work too. That is with the Garmin mount though, might well not be possible with the Cycoactive mount becaue it looks pretty tall. Also, the Cycoactive mount is $165 and the Garmin mount is $29. The Cycoactive mount is definitely snazzier but I'm not sure the additional value is there in this particular application.


The reason I went with RCU shelf mounting over a fork bridge mount is that the latter requires you to look down to use the GPS and I don't like taking my eyes of the road for even a second. A GPS mounted on an RCU shelf is very near the line-of-sight to the road so it is possible to keep an eye on both.

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I agree, I am not a big fan of looking away from the road also.


The Cycoactive mount and GPS end up being too tall for the windshield to come down, so that is why I mounted between the handlebars.


I wanted the snazzy locking mount from touratech for 2 reasons.


1. Lockable for going into restaurants

2. What great workmanship when you get to look at one in person! The mount just impressed me.

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I wear glasses with progressive lenses, distance vision at the top "fading" to reading vision at the bottom. I tried mounting my 2610 (BMW Nav II) on an RCU shelf and found that it put the GPS too close to me, at too high an angle, for me to focus on it without tilting my head back. I have no problem with the fork bridge mount, except that it gets in the way of a flip-up tank bag.

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I also had a problem with the upper shelf mount for a GPS. It bounced way to much. I went with the BMW NAVII mount for my 2720, it puts the GPS in the center, out of the way but visable, and it is very strong and adjustable for angle.

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Eckhard Grohe

I put a stiffner under the RCU shelf to take out a lot of the bounce. It was a 1/2 x 3/4 Alum. U channel I bought at the hardware store.


I also braced the aluminium angle piece I used to hold the Garmin mount to the shelf. Anyone want to mill one out of solid for me???

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I mounted mine to the RCU shelf. Some bounce, livable.


As to the Glasses, I wear tri-focal, but have gone to a distance sunglass and got the "reading inserts" to create a bi- focal for the distance to the garmin. These are the stick ons. Working Okay.


(Boy, what a group when the mounting of instruments is predetermined by your focal points. wink.gif)

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