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OEM Gel vs. Odyssey (and others)


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I've seen a lot of posts criticizing the OEM gel battery on the late model RTs and praising the Odyssey 680. Does anyone know why Odyssey doesn't make a battery the exact size as the BMW OEM so we don't have to install it on the side or buy adapters for the terminals to make it fit properly in that small space under the center panel? My tendency is to buy a replacement battery that fits in there same as the original as long as the cost and performance are comparable. Am I missing something here? confused.gif

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You don't have to buy adapters or install the battery on its side, the PC-680 fits the 1100 and 1150 fine if you just bend the terminals on the battery cables out flat (so that they will mate with the horizontal terminals on the PC-680 vs. the vertical terminals on other batteries.) That's what I did, took about 30 seconds.

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I did the same, no adapters, nothing, just removed the stud from the battery terminal.


so we don't have to install it on the side


That's the other option I've seen. The battery really doesn't have a "up" side. So who cares?

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