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3000 miles on Arianrhod or Leslie and Marty See the USA (Day One)

Les is more

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Les is more

It all started with a plane ride to Atlanta, Georgia to claim my new (to me) 2002 silver RT from Marty Hill.

We pulled into his driveway, he opened the garage door and therein sat two cloaked silver 1150s. The unveiling was accomplished and I met Arianrhod for the first time. I was in awe gazing on the twin siver beauties parked side by side. Arianrhod is named for the Welsh Moon Goddess who also presides over the great wheel of stars. Her name literally means "Silver Wheel." Now, looking at her, freshly washed and waxed and shining, the name seemed perfect.


I don't profess to understand fully why Marty couldn't pass on buying a 2003 that was virtually identical to my bike, I'll only say that it was my good fortune. Thank you Marty! Thanks also for the hospitality (thanks also to his girlfriend Diane for so graciously including me with her family for dinner), and the great care you took of the bike, the great deal you gave me, and the wonderful company on the road.


Marty's home is very nice and was neat and clean with a room and bathroom set aside just for me. The yard is wooded and cool with a pond and waterfall and multiple bird feeders. I very much enjoyed the tree lined streets of Marietta with their sycamores, dogwoods, and brilliantly colored azaleas.






It was in this atmosphere, under warm, gray skies, that I first put wheels to road as we departed for Shreveport. I had some trepidation as we rode through the suburbs toward the interstate. Could I handle the bike? Would I drop it on some uneven bit of pavement? It seems so tall, could I turn it ? Shreveport is so far, could I do the 645 miles? The conversations in my head were manifold and annoying, like spoiled children clamoring for attention. I took a deep breath and let them flow unheeded as they were rendered powerless by the intention to be fully present to the adventure that lay before me.


Through the streets and turns we went so smoothly that I kept feeling like I was flowing rather than riding. As we hit the interstate and I rolled on the throttle, it began to dawn on me that I had a really phenomenal piece of engineering underneath me. The traffic was light, the road was a forested parkway, the skies were misty and warm and I was falling in love.


This motorcycle is a dream to ride. I felt as if I were on my very own magic carpet. The merest intention was enough to begin a turn and the ride was so smooth. The first 400 miles were gone like magic.




Marty set a comfortable pace ranging from 75 to 85 per his GPS and we rolled on through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and on to Shreveport, Louisiana. I was as bright eyed as a child as I recognized names of southern cities and we passed the "Welcome to" signs at the borders of each state. I threw my head back and crowed with delight as I realized I was crossing the Mississippi River on my own bike. "I rule!" I cried to myself. I was riding a motorcycle past things I had only flown over, insulated in a pressurized cabin and separated by miles of sky. I was riding past things I had only read or heard about - bayous, swamps, parrishes and such. I had the crazy urge to check and see if my face shield was causing everything to appear so lush and green. The rivers were filled with water (a unique sight to a San Diego girl) and the medians were painted with a varied palette of wild flowers that danced and bobbed in the light breeze.


Thanks to Marty's planning, I didn't need to worry about where and when to stop or where we would spend the night. I was free to wallow in the wonders of the landscape and the pure pleasure of driving this wonderful machine. 645 miles and 9 1/2 hours later we pulled into our motel in Shreveport and I was giddy with feelings of accomplishment and happiness.


To be contunued . . .

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Stan Walker


Jan will be tickled to find out we have another female RT rider. Her last trip was about 1950 miles to Branson and back a few weeks ago. Have loads of fun.


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Welcome back, Leslie! And congratulations on the new ride!


Or is it: Congratulations on the new ride, Leslie! And welcome back!


Your call.


Waiting for the next in the series...



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Since Leslie is a much better story teller than I am, she will tell the story and I'll just remember the wonderful trip we took together. Jamie, you are one lucky guy. Many thanks for the wonderful hospitality and congrats on your 1500 mile/24 hour ride. You both rule.



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Congratulations. You know it's a great bike. So supple, so sleek, so willing.. Oops blush.gif. wrong forum. Glad your back safely. Sorry missed your B'day party. I was on a mission. cool.gif



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Leslie, congratulations on the new ride!


You write wonderfully. I enjoyed every word.


Marty, you are a good guy for doing a bike deal in this kind of way.

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I've done a bunch of miles with both Arianrhod and Marty and I can tell you that both are about as first class as they come. You couldn't have chosen two better partners for your journey and I'm sure Arianrhod will just love her new home.


I can't wait for the rest of the story! Long live Arianrhod! wink.gifgrin.gif

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Phew! Awesome stuff Leslie! Got goosebumps at the part when you and Marty first left.


There are few feelings as great (or as scary!) as setting out on a journey on a new bike for the first time. The butterflies must have indeed been overwhelming. I felt them over here!


Looking forward to part 2...


(great color, by the way grin.gif)

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