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did you hear? 90,000 BMW bikes being recalled. ABS adjustment is what i've heard...about a 2 hour job. didn't say what bikes are affected other than we know its going to be R and K bikes.

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Read an article in our local newspaper while having coffee in a cafe - re: BM recall. Referred to R1200 all models and K1200 all models for a limited VIN range. Parts mentioned included front discs (increase in thickness, bango bolt (fitted with restrictor) and additional security for ABS wheel sensor wiring.


Sorry I cannot be more specific as I did not take full notice of all the details.




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BMW Recalls 90,000 Motorcycles


BERLIN - BMW said Wednesday it was recalling 90,000 motorcycles after finding a problem with the adjustment of their anti-lock brakes.


The BMW Boxer and K models are affected, BMW said. It was not immediately clear where the motorcycles had been sold or whether any accidents prompted the recall.


BMW said the problem would not manifest itself in normal use of the motorcycles, and that customers can have the repairs done at no cost within about two hours.



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