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camping trailer


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Any body using a “camping trailer” behind their bike?


I am loving the idea of riding and camping with members, here and the other BMW groups as well as just traveling, but as my bones get older the less enthusiastic I am about sleeping on the ground at all, even with a good air mattress. Thinking that a tent trailer might be the way to go… looking for your thoughts and advise. How do they affect handling and stuff like that.

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Some of the Goldwing crowd have them. I've not used one but have seen many. They are ugly, but amazing!


Here's one manufacturer here.

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Well, I used to pull one with my old Harley.


Haven't setup the 12RT for towing yet.


Items of note;

  • They do make smaller campers dopeslap.gif
  • Don't expect to carve the corners. You've got a lot more vehicle behind you.
  • Always stop in a vertical position (no leaning).
  • Watch your tongue weight
  • Always plan on not being able to backup

I generally found the camper was nice when I planned to ride at my destination, rather than during the trip. If the ride is the trip, I found the camper cumbersome for anything other than scenic trips.



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