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Bak-up Back Rest

Rob Nowell

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Hey Rob....I don't know, but I went to their website and saw a picture. It looks like you remove the front and rear seat, take the thumbscrews loose, and mount it under the thumbscrews. If you directions didn't come with pictures there are pictures on their website. Good luck... See the last sentence in item 6


BMW R1200RT Driver's Backrest


1. Place your bike on the center stand.


2. Remove the driver and passenger seat.


3. Remove the two (2) height adjustment blocks.


4. Place your backrest so that the holes for the height adjustment block align with the mounting holes for your new backrest.


5. Reinstall the height adjustment blocks using the hardware provided.


6. Reinstall the driver and passenger seats. Note: you may have to push forward on the backrest in order to get the passenger seat in place

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