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FS K1200s 06 & R1150RT 02 & Parts

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Hi BMW ST members. This site has been invaluable to me for everything form purchasing my bikes to maintaining them and even getting me to enjoy the 02 unrally in Gunnison.

Life changes force the sale of my BMW motorcycle stuff I'm listing here first in hope of finding an enthusiast who would like the bikes, the new parts, used and rebuildable spares as well as maintenance fluids and other items for a best reasonable offer package price. The following list is not comprehensive and only highlights the bulk of available items. Everything is currently priced at a price that justifies the tedium of selling and shipping individual pieces to individual buyers. Prices do not include your shipping costs. I have tons of pictures. Please PM me for pictures and to discuss any sales in detail.


K1200s 2006 Silver 39K Miles (Autocomm, GPS, XM, Bags, V1,Throttle Meister) $5,000


K1200 Fuel Pump and Inlet (Repaired Inlet Leak) $120

K1200 Tire F 120/70 ZR17 PR4 (New) $100

K1200 Tire R 190/50 ZR17 PR4 (New) $175

K1200s Final Drive Rebuildable $550


R1150 RT 2002 Black 79K Miles (Autocomm, V1, I-River slimX) $3,500

RT Right Side Luggage Mount (Scratched) $35

RT 33 Liter Top Case W/ Backrest (Like New) $275 RT Exhaust (Used spare) $120

RT Fuel Tank Center Cover (New) $75

RT Harness and Fuse Box (Used Spare) $115

RT Lower Fairing L Shark Fin (Paint Bubble) $45

RT Lower Fairing R Shark Fin (Paint Bubble) $45

RT Radio Bracket (Removed When New) $60

RT rear Luggage Carrier (Scratches) $120 RT RHS Fairing (New) $190

RT Shock F (Rebuildable) $50

RT Shock R (Rebuildable) $60

RT Sidewall RHS (aka Lateral Trim Panel) New $65 RT Tail Light (Used) $80

RT Upper Center Fairing Cowl (New) $160



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