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Leftover parts, arghhh!

Speed Racer

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Attached should be a photo of two parts that appeared after the dust settled on my most recent work: battery replacement, new shocks front and rear, and new tires front and rear. It'd be in my best mental interest if somebody could help me identify from where these parts came so I can put them where they belong and ride in peace. Thanks in advance, Bill


p.s. - Bike is my '04 R1150RT-P


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I'm thinking the piece on the right may be the bushing for mounting the fuel tank. Right side at rear, insert bushing into hole in tank prior to inserting the bolt. Maybe???

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That's what I thought, too. Before I buttoned everything up, I checked and saw the part in place.Tank seemed well secured, but I'm thinking now there should be two bushings, though, and I'll have to look into that.


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