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And you thought you were a tough rider.


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Reminds me, Motorcycle Cannonball is in progress, Portland, ME to Portland, OR. One of our locals Norm Nelson (past owner of Daytona BMW and all around good guy) is doing it for the 4th time. He finished 3rd and 2nd the first two tries on borrowed BMW's from Jack Wells. In 2016 he rode his own 1911 Reading Standard and made it as far as Pueblo, Co. before the 2nd crankshaft gave up. Took these not long before they found out.








This year he's back on the R52 that he rode in '14 and even tho it'd been sold in the interim, the new owner said he could ride it. The first day the shifter broke off but he grabbed the shaft with a multi tool and bumped it into gear to make the finish. That eve they r an r'd the gearbox and welded the shifter back on. Yesterday a head gasket gave out near the end but they found and installed a new one last night. It's just getting broken in : )




It's #58 this year, same bike.



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A clever reference by Tewks! If you haven't figured it out yet, here is another clue.




Thanks Randy. A few years ago someone (could of been me) posted a neat vid of Dot in her later years (still riding) but I can't find it now.


Someday I'd love to hear the Aunt Dot stories over a home micro brew. ;)




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All without the aid of ABS-ESA-GPS and a number of RIDE MODES! Oh yeah, gore tex covered everything! I'm out... :grin:


Tough ladies! :thumbsup:


There's a connection here if you can connect the Dots! ;)






Thanks for positing this Pat. I always love to see these kinds of things about Aunt Dot and the family. I helped spread the ashes of both her and Earl (her husband) on the trails of the Jack Pine near West Branch, MI. I rode my R1100RT on both those days.


Miss all of them so very much, my Grandfather (her brother) the most. :(

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Fitting spot, Shawn. :thumbsup:

What I most admire about your Aunt is she wasn't putting on a show for anybody. You can tell she truly loved riding motorcycles, and that's just plain cool! :clap:




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Another intrepid female rider, Elspeth Beard, the young lady who, in the early 80s did a jaunt around the world on her /6 with homemade panniers, becoming the first British woman to accomplish that feat. Here is a link to a YouTube video that should whet your appetite. Her website has some amazing photos. I also attach a link to a short interview with her. We have the pleasure of meeting her at BMW Motorcycles of Charlotte next month when she visits, perhaps to promote the book about her trip written 30 years after the fact.






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