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Aux Light Recommendation


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Was at a rally in WI this past weekend and ran into an RT with these auxiliary lights. Really liked the size and location mounted. Unfortunately never found the owner, so looking for recommendations for what I would guess would be a 2" auxiliary light that I could use and mount in the same fashion.


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I have the Denali lights from twisted throttle on my GS and T-Bird. They are about that size. Lots of light! Twisted Throttle is good about having mounting kits for BMW bikes too. Ciao

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They're the standard Chinese-made CREE LED spots which are fantastic value for money if you buy them direct from the supplier in Guangdong Province. Western importers slap on average 400% profit margins after buying from source.


They sip juice so are mounted without the need for a relay feed. The bracketry is the only problem. I drilled my headlamp nacelle 'ears' to accept the supplied bolt, but others may not like to butcher their bike in that way. This is where the importers get the sales, despite exorbitant pricing, because they supply the correct range of bracketry.


However, the problem is the dreaded country-specific homologation permissions. Here in Spain they're simply not officially allowed to be mounted on a motorbike. Although a patrol cop did ask me once, after pulling me over and chastising me about them, to tell him where I got mine from so he could mount them on his own bike !


I feed them through a switch so that whenever I see a cop in the distance, I switch 'em orf. In my case it's the Heated Grips control switch 'cos my HGs haven't worked since I got the bike.


And in Spain - ¿ who needs warmer hands ?

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Looks a lot like THESE. Comes in two different beam patterns, and it appears to get decent reviews.


I seem to remember seeing a positive review of THESE GUYS on this forum (also from SuperBrightLEDS).


I had the second set on one of my bikes and had pointed to them as a good option here on our forum. I suggest you select the 10 degree option. Keep in mind that these and similar lights (even the really expensive ones) do not have a cutoff pattern so the light spreads out in all directions. On a 30 or 60 degree light that means lots of light goes where it does you no good or can actually make it harder for you to see down the road at night.

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I have CREE v3's purchased at the now closed Whitehorse Gear in Conway NH. Mounted them low on my R1150RT which offers a little more separation and visibility than side-mounted IMHO. Mounting was easy once I found an adapter from Granger that enables the mounting bracket to be screwed into the grommet on the front fork.


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