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I have a Garmin Nav V. I downloaded the routes for FART, and recalculated them on Basecamp. Everything looked fine until I tried to load them on my Nav V. It said there were more than 29 via points per route, and created two or three shorter routes out of each of Ken's routes. I've loaded routes on this unit before without any problems. Ken said 29 via points really aren't that many. I've tried to find a setting on my Garmin that can be changed with no luck. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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You will have to open BaseCamp and open the properties window for each route.

Then highlight all the waypoints, except for gas stations or restaurants. Then left click and select to make the highlighted waypoints silent (Shaping Point).

You can only have 29 Waypoints in a route, but you can have over 100+ silent Shaping Points between each Waypoint.

Do this with every route, then resend them and o the GPS NAV 5 and it will not split up the routes.

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