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Thinking of trading my RT for a GSA.


I do not like spoked wheels.


Other than cleaning, how much maintenance is required?


How often do spokes come loose?


How often do they need to be trued?


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Morning BrianM



I do not like spoked wheels. -- They are stronger than alloy wheels when riding off-road, they absorb big hits better (pain to keep clean but better wheels for off-road)


Other than cleaning, how much maintenance is required? --Sort of depends on how hard you ride & what you hit. On smooth pavement then not much maintenance. If you abuse them off-road then you should keep up on spoke tightness check.


How often do spokes come loose?--Not very often but they can if the wheel is abused. I have a metal rod that thunk the spokes with (when I think about it). Tight spokes will have a nice clean ring when thumped, a loose spoke will sound dead & not ring. I think the manual calls for checking spoke tightness about every 12,000 miles.


How often do they need to be trued?-- Depends on how hard that you ride, if you go off road, what you hit, how anal you are. I usually check mine for trueness (by eye) at every tire change while wheel in on the balancer then if runout is seen do a good truing. If you ride on somewhat smooth roads & keep spokes tight they will probably never need a real truing.



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Going back to my 05 GS. The front wheel wasn't true from the factory, nor was the replacement wheel from warrantee. Maybe just a bad assembler at the time. My suggestion is to spin the wheel before you purchase.



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DR, thanks for the input.


Planning on test riding a GS and GSA in the next couple days. Leaning towards the GSA for gas tank and better weather protection.


Most of my riding is commuting. Been street riding for 39 years. I live in SE Wisconsin. I teach (college) for a living, so my commuting is mainly fall/winter/spring. I ride daily(rain or shine) until it snows. Coldest of 9F (on a DT175G).


I own Darien jacket and pants, rain suit, Gerbing liner and gloves, insulated riding pants, boots etc. Previously commuted on a DT175, RZ350, 600 Radian, FZR600, 97RT, 11RT.


How much weather protection will I be giving up?


How wet will I get riding on wet roads (no rain)? How well does a mudsling work? Or would a hugger work better?

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I had an '06 RT for 9 ½ years, before getting a 2015 GSA. If you're like me, you'll get a bit more wind on the sides of your chest (I'm 5'8"), presumably due to the windscreen (GSA screen is a little bigger than the GS, by the way. I tried an aftermarket screen, but found its height annoying, and it really wasn't any wider than stock. Took it off after five hours of riding). I should point out that I had an aftermarket screen on my RT, which could have doubled as a barn door. I've come to like a bit more air, especially in hot weather. Now that I've had my GSA for almost three years, I don't miss the weather protection of the RT. Other than the screen, I don't really notice much difference between it and my RT. Don't see any need for mudsling/hugger. Did someone suggest you would?

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I don't get wetter on my GS (compared to my 13 years on the 1150 RT). There is only a tad more wind around my head.... both with standard screens. Not a GSA fan with all the added weight and tubing.... but that's a matter of taste, and here we don't need huge gas tanks.

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